Behind the Music

Dorsey has roots tracing to the great June Carter Cash. Enriched in family tradition Matt has tried to embody the passion for music and continues to try and evolve as an artist in today's music climate. Playing live shows for over a decade now he hopes this new EP will resonate with his fans and lyrically he thinks some of the messaging will hit home to a lot of people. While the release of this EP Summer of '19 may have more melodic and quieter undertones, the follow up EP is already shaping up to be more of a blues influence so please join the mailing list and keep up to date for the 2020 release date.


Supporting Local Music

Having the opportunity to play a few performances at the Newtown Theatre and local festivals in Buck County I would say most artists find supporting their community is some of the most gratifying work and no difference with Dorsey. He has been a staple in the community for years performing live and intimate shows. This theatre in 1906 was the oldest theatre in the country and as with time any support or donations to help keep the history alive you can find the following link for more information.

Atlanta 2018

One of the highlights of his career, Matt had the opportunity to be the opening act for Glen Phillips (Toad the Wet Sprocket) at a local festival in Atlanta. Lyrically one of the best songwriters in the country Glen has had a stellar musical journey and is one Matt has looked up to as an artist for years. "Nomads" was written the day before the show in inspiration of the opportunity.

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